With Chris’s flute and sax in the boot, we drove down to the Berkshire Downs around the Cottage to take pictures for the Evening Blue book. It was a family event. We were  joined by Chris’s sister Steph and her husband Brian – along with Neil’s daughter, Polly. There were so many cameras and pictures being taken, we weren’t sure what we would be using them for –  but you know the old saying “too many shots cost nothing, re-shoots cost thousands.” So we took hundreds.

We walked around the fields and hills and found this old wooden signpost, the perfect backdrop for a shiny sax, and then the thunder moved in… The picture was eventually used for the opening spread of one of the chapters “Vulcan” in the 200+ page monster-sized book.

For editions numbered 199-231, this accompanying print measuring 16″ x 20″ (41 x 51 cms) is ready-to-frame. It is an Archival Giclée* print on 260gsm Photo Lustre paper, hand numbered and signed by the photographer Polly Thomson Storey..

The deadline for ordering this edition is Monday December  5 2016… and there are no time extensions.

More details and a high resolution version of the print can be seen here.

Make sure you click on the little thumbnail picture underneath the main pack shot picture to see a large version of the high resolution image.*/*/Evening-Blue-Book-Set-Vulcan-Print/53090000000

*Giclée prints are a by-word for fine art prints and the preferred medium for museums and photographic galleries. Giclée prints are made in either a 10 or 12 colour process (as opposed to standard 4-colour CMYK). They are printed at 1200 dpi (magazines are generally 300 dpi) using Archival inks to create an image that has a richness of tone with a higher degree of accuracy than is available than any other reproduction technique. Since the inks are UV stable, Giclée prints will last a lifetime.

The Giclée prints offered within this enhanced edition will only be available during the pre-ordering period.

This poster edition is limited to a maximum of 33 only – with three artists proofs being created. Should this edition not reach its maximum take-up, the quantity pre-ordered will constitute the final edition number.

Important Shipping Details: Each book-set will be dispatched by courier delivery. Posters will be dispatched separately.

Sorry the deluxe leather edition has sold out.