alt-coversWhen it came to designing the cover Neil thought we should run up a few alternatives. With Chris’s flute and sax in the boot, we drove down to the Berkshire Downs around the Cottage to find a meaningful backdrop for the instruments. They’re awkward objects to shoot but we found some good places in the apt barleycorn fields.

The flute proved to be more difficult to shoot, butwe found a great old fence post to rest it on. Some of you know this story already but this is the fence post where the flute raised up on its own and started playing. We told Steve what happened and totally unphased, he said, “yeah, thats’s Chris.”

I’ve had great times designing the Evening Blue project and my days art directing magazines and newspapers around the world gave me the skills to display this fascinating story. I do hope you enjoy my designs of the book and the alternative covers that were not used.

For editions numbered 133- 165, this accompanying print measuring 16″ x 20″ (41 x 51 cms) is ready-to-frame and hand signed by the designer Jayne Gould. It is an Archival Giclée* print on 260gsm Photo Lustre paper, hand numbered and signed by the photographer.

The deadline for ordering this edition is Monday December  5 2016… and there are no time extensions.

More details and a high resolution version of the print can be seen here.

Make sure you click on the little thumbnail picture underneath the main pack shot picture to see a large version of the high resolution image.*/*/Evening-Blue-Book-Set-Evening-Blue-The-Alternative-Covers-Print/53070000000

*Giclée prints are a by-word for fine art prints and the preferred medium for museums and photographic galleries. Giclée prints are made in either a 10 or 12 colour process (as opposed to standard 4-colour CMYK). They are printed at 1200 dpi (magazines are generally 300 dpi) using Archival inks to create an image that has a richness of tone with a higher degree of accuracy than is available than any other reproduction technique. Since the inks are UV stable, Giclée prints will last a lifetime.

The Giclée prints offered within this enhanced edition will only be available during the pre-ordering period.

This poster edition is limited to a maximum of 33 only – with three artists proofs being created. Should this edition not reach its maximum take-up, the quantity pre-ordered will constitute the final edition number.

Important Shipping Details: Each book-set will be dispatched by courier delivery. Posters will be dispatched separately.

Sorry the deluxe leather edition has sold out.