Chris Wood’s sister – Stephanie –  is the passionate driving force behind the Evening Blue project. She is also a renown international handbag designer with her collections having been stocked in Saks, Nieman Marcus, Browns, to name drop a few. Its therefore no surprise to see Steph combining her passion and her creative talents and making bespoke leather cases for the first 33 numbered Deluxe editions.

The casement book will be housed in a beautiful leather lined folio case – hand-made with fine grade black Crocco-printed leather. 

The linings for each case will be different for each case – uniquely selected and designed from a variety of prints  –  including Batique and Madras cotton, Liberty print cotton lawn and all sorts of unusual fabrics from Steph’s studio vaults.

The tie fastening is made from a soft pigskin suede, and will be made from a variety of co-ordinating blue and grey colours. 

“I made the case with Chris in mind, he was a very creative soul and he’d mix things up. I’ve tried to get the essence of Chris is the folio.”